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As you may already know, a day has been named for "World Jump Day," (link), a day intended to change the rotation of the earth by coordinating the jump of hundreds of millions of people at once. We here at S.P.A.S.M (Selected People Against Synchronized Movement) are not against dancing, jumping, singing or anything done in good fun, so long as it is generally harmless to the earth's rotation.

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Latest News!
Earth's orbit altered forever?!
Anonymous expert on internet posts supposition about World Jump Day and its consequence for angular momentum of earth's orbit.
Dangers of World Jump Day predicted!
Chicago journalist outlined psychological risks of believing in a World Jump Day too much.

If "the earth moves" More Safety Advice Four pillars of S.P.A.S.M
 Wear heavy things!
Heals won't do. You need the heaviest
boots you can find.
 You're not heavy, you're my brother  
Wear heavy necklaces, heavy,
steel-rimmed glasses, anything heavy
to help keep the earth motionless.
 If it gets colder...  
Lucky you were wearing a heavy jacket, isn't it?
 If it gets warmer...  
Layer to stay warm. Remove layers to stay cool.
Avoid large crowds of people jumping.
 Wear these the rest of the time  

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