A new science of living...

This is how scientists used to live, in cavernous, treadmill-shaped rooms, without natural air or sharp corners. But we asked ourselves, did Copernicus think of personal comfort as he kept hauling astrolab to explain the heliocentric view? Today we are taking science directly to the people.

As scientists, we know that the temptation to run the same treadmill in circles can be quite strong. But just because everyone else is doing something, doesn't mean you have to.
Ask yourself: What would your mother say?

Mother earth is sacred and should be protected. Scientists go to a great deal of trouble to monitor her vital signs each day and, just occasionally, to warn of dire consequences and misquided policies. What would mother earth say about a World Jump Day?

More importantly, what would your own mother say? Probably something like, "I don't care if Charles and Larry are doing it -- if they were jumping off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge too?" Is jumping around like a sack-race contestant on World Jump Day really so much different?

Satellite image of methane gas produced by cows in India